I wish I could opt to clap for this piece 1,000 times.

First, some advice...be prepared with a Scorpio girl. My sister is a Scorpio woman and my oldest daughter is also a Scorpio. This is a sign that will challenge everything for the rest of their lives. Definitely a good thing when they're older but not fun when they're young and you're just trying to get the kid out into their damn car seat.

Second, I love your 'weird sentence utterings.' My ex and I recall so many weird things that came out of our mouths like "We do not use our pants to hit our sisters!"

The election of 2016 found me in the outskirts of Philadelphia, visiting my friends and enjoying my hometown. I was completely gobsmacked that Pennsylvania had gone red. I felt betrayed. The weekend you were hosting a birthday party, I was flying back home to San Diego on Saturday evening, and on Sunday I attended my first protest. As an introvert, I was really putting myself out there. I felt embarrassed and my social anxiety was through the roof.

I did the exact opposite of you after the "election" (I can only imagine that Russia elected that dude), I listened to NPR religiously, subscribed to WaPo for the first time in my life, and watched Rachel Maddow religiously. I even went on to read her book "Blowout." I became a person my 22-year-old dancing-on-the-table-at-a-bar self would not have recognized.

I became a politically obsessed--so much that my kids told me I could take any subject and turn it into a trump discussion (very annoying, mom!). As a woman who didn't know anything prior to trump, now I know random senators and congressmen on sight. I know what they've done. I wanted to start a trading card empire based on these public servants.

I became that person because I felt like I could protect my kids if I knew what I had to protect them from. When they applied to colleges, they skipped the South and the middle of the country. They stuck to the liberal states and cities, although nowhere appears to be 'safe.'

I listened to 'Becoming' on Audible and watched "The Way I See It" twice (and sobbed).

During the pandemic, we put a giant BLM in lights on our fence that looks out over our development.

Fast forward to a day or two after Christmas 2020 and my oldest daughter's ex-boyfriend was home from the ER after being beaten by teens at a skatepark. Why? Because he's Black.

I think we're going to feel the trump effect for a very long time. I wish I had more lightness in my step, but I have more dread in my head.

Far more interesting internally than externally. I write to quiet the voices. Deleted Facebook & Twitter thereby immediately quieting 1000’s of voices.

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