I’m glad you found my suggestions helpful. I do think you have a *great* children’s book idea and to prove that, I’ve come up with other volumes. One is a different poem for boys. Another is for the kids who think the boogeyman is in the basement (me!) and then the two options in the basement for boy and girl.

I absolutely love this as a book idea and wish I were an agent so that I could represent you! Maybe my youngest daughter could be the artist for the books. She’s truly an extraordinary talent. Not sure where she got her drawing abilities from but she was definitely born with it.

I understand about moving. I wish I were relocating. I want to leave California and go back to the East Coast to my beloved trees. I’ve been looking for a new house for over a year. Apparently So has everyone else.

Best wishes for a successful move and books!

Far more interesting internally than externally. I write to quiet the voices. Deleted Facebook & Twitter thereby immediately quieting 1000’s of voices.

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