My middle daughter and I both have social anxiety. Hers is far worse than mine; however, I’ve had a lot longer on this planet to expose myself to people and learn what worked for me. Fortunately, I can guide her in her quest to be free of social anxiety (if one can ever be truly free).

What I noticed for myself, and you said the same thing, is that intense exercise is the key to unlock the box of living a somewhat normal life. It also worked for my daughter. She signed up for a kickboxing class and when she came back home, she was all smiles, talkative, and excited for life! She felt powerful for the first time because she saw a challenge, didn’t think she could complete the challenge, but did and SURVIVED. She learned for the first time that she was better than others in at least this one class— and she could finally control one thing in her life: her own body.

I’ve also improved my anxiety through learning how to Tap. Check out The Tapping Solution ( Although I recommend this site, you don’t have to pay to learn how to tap. There are so many free YouTube videos. I thought it was weird as hell and felt like a freak while doing it, but I tried it for my worsening claustrophobia. I suddenly became insanely claustrophobic. When I learned that the only way to cure myself was through exposure, I knew I couldn’t do it. Without going into a long rambling about why I decided to try tapping, let’s just say I did, it worked, and I can now easily go into elevators, airplanes, and have dental work without any issues at all — I can even sit in the window seat!

Well written piece. Thank you for sharing.

Far more interesting internally than externally. I write to quiet the voices. Deleted Facebook & Twitter thereby immediately quieting 1000’s of voices.

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