The biggest issue for many of those in medicine is that they never had to take any nutrition classes while in medical school.

My mom is a nurse and used to be a ‘roots & twigs’ kind of person but when I told her about the keto diet, she told me how dangerous that diet was! I told her it was the ketogenic diet, not ketoacidosis!

I believe that not diets are good for all people, though. My sister follows the Paleo diet and has kept her weight in check and her bloodwork is perfect.

However, I had my DNA checked and it shows I should not eat any meat cooked above 300 degrees. Needless to say, most meat is cooked at above 350 degrees. I ignored that result and went on a keto diet. Yes, I lost 26 lbs but my cholesterol went up, way up. I have the very bad Lp little a gene I probably inherited from my dad. It is not supposed to be above 30 — I am at nearly 200. Prior to putting myself on the keto diet, I was “only” at 165. It jumped over 30 points in less than 6 months on the keto diet.

Every article I’ve ever read about Lp(a) states that I should be on a plant based diet, and my DNA concurs.

Far more interesting internally than externally. I write to quiet the voices. Deleted Facebook & Twitter thereby immediately quieting 1000’s of voices.

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